in memorium

a serious note, i regret to say: as many of you who have read this site know – and by “those of you,” i mean all 13 of you people with nothing better to read on the internet – here at House of Hate we have a mascot of sorts, the little dog tornado known as Cujo. well, not known to YOU, because he’d bite you and all that jazz. the sad news is that Cujo is no longer with us: he’d celebrated his 10th birthday with a massive steak, got his twice-yearly checkup a day later and seemed great … and then died of cancer a week after that. it was very sudden and we can only hope it wasn’t terribly painful, though knowing Cujo, he would shrug a lot of it off.


if i can steal a phrase, i would describe him best in this way: no better friend, no worse enemy. and we’ll miss him.