R.I.P. #21

recently, free safety Sean Taylor, of our hero’s official backup football team the Washington Redskins (aka the patron saints of my grandmother) was shot and killed in his Florida home; it’s all been very sad and very covered in the news, so i suppose a post about it is in order. so since there’s a few different ways for us to view this whole situation, so let’s break it down a few ways:

Sean Taylor, RIP
even when trying to murder my beloved Raiders on the field, respect was due

really, there’s pretty much two ways that most people are coming at this story: either it’s a terrible tragedy or he totally had it coming because he was a thug. now, bear in mind here that i was never the largest fan of Taylor for the one major reason of him spending a few years unable to fully behave on the field; however, this last year’s gone differently, and i’m not one unwilling to admit that it’s possible a young guy who’d been pampered socially and vastly rewarded financially would both start off immature (and having it show) and end up, shockingly, growing up. as someone who i think wrote for the Washington Post (a paper i generally despise with a religious passion) said, it’s a little sad that NOW we get to hear stories about him and his family and friends and teammates and kids that makes us say “hey, he wasn’t nearly as bad as we thought.” but more to the point, it’s also a pretty large douchebag move to spend the week after someone’s death saying “he had that shit coming” unless he was, you know, in the midst of something a) criminal or b) completely retarded when it happened … neither of which was the case. in the end, now he’s up there in Football Heaven tackling God with Sam Mills and Pat Tillman.

Sean Taylor, RIP
and the Lord said: and i will strike down with great vengeance and furious anger those that are Cowboys

forget the basic “he was a Redskin and a player we loved and now we’re totally pissed off at the killers” thing; what gets me most annoyed was the attorney(s) for the four kids accused of this crime playing the whole “they’re confused, they’re scared” card immediately after their arrest. granted, it’s their job to defend their clients, which they’ll do in this case by appealing to the fact that they’re young kids and everything, but it’s pretty goddamn annoying to hear someone who broke into someone else’s house for the purposes of stealing from them and THEN found it necessary to shoot them (rather than, say, just running the fuck out of there) purporting to be completely terrified about a situation that they don’t know how they wound up in. here’s a hint: you wound up in that situation because you went to someone’s house to steal their shit. period. there you go.

Sean Taylor, RIP
Greg Williams, why don’t you go ahead and lose your motherfucking MIND

so, this is a big loss for the team from a talent point of view, but also, it’s my understanding that while the Redskins will not be paying his salary next year (for the record, Snyder notes that they’re setting up a $500,000+ fund for Taylor’s daughter), the cap effect from his paid-out bonus accelerates and increases the amount of literally, if blackly humorous, “dead money” on their payroll next year. frankly, unless the team is responsible for murdering their player, they shouldn’t be getting socked with a greater financial penalty for having someone murder their player. so there it is. and the Redskins couldn’t even win that Buffalo game for him. now THAT is tragic.

(also, i was going to do a whole “celebrate the new and overdue gun” thing here, but it seems a little out of place, so, uh, next week!)

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