shuttle etiquette and Belgian handgun fever

so as you can imagine, i can get a little bit annoyed with people out there in Radio Land and their failure to conform to what i consider the rules of “proper behavior.” and i back this up with the knowledge i gleaned from all those Miss Manners-based lectures my father gave me when i was acting up as a youth. uh, did i say Miss Manners? i meant Chuck Norris! and he taught me his karate skills, which shall be used against people who disobey in the manner(s) i describe below!

riding the work shuttle
i can probably save the time telling you that you should a) give up your seat to ancient ladies and b) stop putting your bag on the seat next to you on a crowded shuttle. yeah, you’re defending your personal space against really fat guys and really stinky guys, but as a matter of principle, it’s just rude. however, let me tell you two things that you shouldn’t do on a crowded, now-standing-room-only shuttle, both of which were personified by the same guy. one, if someone (say, me) is standing in front of you, don’t fucking stare at me with a creepy look the entire ride to the employee lot. but secondly – and this is more important – don’t get up right before the shuttle arrives and push past everyone standing so as to be the first one off. that’s just fucking pathetic.

holding the door open at the gas station
okay, this is old ground (and i may have mentioned it in regards to trips to Minnesota), but ladies, seriously, if someone holds the door for you, YOU SAY THANK YOU. it takes next to no time and it’s one of those “acknowledge that other people exist and did something nice for you.” i single out the ladies because at the test gas station i go to near work, while i thank guys that hold a door for me and men thank me back, the ladies never thank anyone. you know those nice things that people do for you that we think they should just do, like holding doors open? if you take them for granted, PEOPLE STOP DOING THEM. step your game up, ladies!

the whole bluetooth headset thing
yes, YOU, with that bluetooth shit that lives in your ear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, until it gives you brain cancer and you finally die: you’re not cool because you wear it, you’re not important enough to need to wear it 24/7, and you need to take that shit out of your ear. NOW. let’s not mention the fact that babbling loudly on it in public as if no one else is there is lame as hell; let’s not mention the fact that people who talk on it while in the middle of a transaction at a store should be stoned to death Shirley Jackson-style (and yeah, i think both of those apply to cell phones as well). let’s just mention this: if you’re wearing it so much that it LITERALLY wears a hole in your face, well, there’s nothing more to say than “you are pathetic, oh so pathetic.”

…and in belated news: new gun!

the FNP-40: Belgium’s version of the, uh, technically Belgian Browning PRO-40
after waiting a surprisingly (and distressingly) long time to be allowed to go pick up a gun i had purchased (i don’t even want to get into all of THAT nonsense), i was finally allowed to drive south and get my hot little hands on the Belgian/Virginian pistol known as the FNP-40.

from Belgium with love
sorry, no Belgian paratrooper shirt to go with this image, i’m afraid

while it’s clearly not all black like everyone knows i like, i was forced to “man up” and go with the silver-and-black, Raiders-style look. but on the plus side, it’s all small and comfortable, comes with three (as opposed to two) magazines, and even a fancy plastic FN box!

from Belgium with love
ooo… accessories!

but it’s sort of annoying that Federal makes Hydra-Shok ammunition in 9mm, and .45 ACP, but not .40 S&W. their premium HST ammunition will have to do instead. oh well!

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