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i’m going to be honest about this: i was originally going to fire up RoboCop 2 and do the whole “running diary” thing on it, only i recently picked up this Left 4 Dead game and so i was kind of sort distracted from RoboCop 2 by it. well, it and doing my taxes, but the latter doesn’t sound very fun, you know? anyway, in lieu of a well-crafted update, i shall now make fun of myself and the kind of music i listen to.

so the other night, my crazy sibling and i are driving to a semi-local alcohol dispensary to the sounds of her iPod, which mainly means each of us alternating to skip songs we don’t want to hear: she doesn’t want to hear Michael Jackson’s “Another Part Of Me,” i don’t want to hear anything by Katy Perry, and so on. i mainly blame this on the poor quality of her music collection, which has a lot less hip-hop and folk rock than your hero janklow’s. it also begs this question: since when does my sibling hate “Another Part Of Me?” she LOVES Michael Jackson and that song rocks! this makes no sense! she even owns a singing Michael Jackson doll:

janklow and the MJ doll
an ancient photo of janklow dancing around with his sister’s singing doll, circa 2004; please focus less on the fact of my ridiculous dance and more on the fact that she owns a singing Michael Jackson doll

ANYWAY, we finally get to a song that we can both agree on: Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven Is A Place On Earth,” which is really about our poor upbringing and the time period in which said upbringing occurred (apparently, kids younger than us find it disgusting that we let songs like that play out). now, i am willing to grant you this: there’s no excuse for this being the song we agree on; she’s a girl and everything, but it’s not a good look for me. and i don’t know what to tell you except, for some reason, i think that song’s okay.

and THAT reminded me of this anecdote that i could have sworn was posted on the internet, but which, on closer inspection, is not. it goes like this: some 8 or so years back, i was working at my previous job (anecdotes about that job do remain on the internet), and i’m at my desk, just feeling the droning oppression of the work day, when suddenly, the Bangles’ “Manic Monday” comes onto the radio. i immediately have the following thoughts in succession:

01. yes! this song is excellent!
02. wait! why the FUCK am i so excited to hear the Bangles’ “Manic Monday?”

and i was really pleased at the time; it was less a mere “oh, this song’s okay” and more me saying “AWESOME” and doing a little dance while seated. seriously, there’s no excuse for this, it’s just something that happened. but now, when i want to bash myself for rocking out to “Manic Monday,” it’ll be recorded on the internet.

now, before we wrap this up for the day, let me just point out a ridiculous music video that i always sort of think is a Belinda Carlisle song when it’s not: Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse Of The Heart.” you see, there’s this television program on HBO called Flight Of The Conchords that has a lot of music parodies, one of which seemed to parody this video. only while most parodies are crazier than the source material, it’s not actually possible to get crazier than this:


in closing, the moral of the story is that i’m trying to punish myself for being so forgetful and/or obsessed with zombies by telling embarrassing stories about myself. i’m not sure it worked; i guess we’ll find out next week?

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