accurate descriptions of Americans must include the phrase “attitudes of entitlement and self-centeredness”

to be direct and upfront about this week’s update: there’s going to be a lot of bitching about Americans and/or my dislike for them. i know, i know, it’s a running theme here and so there’s no need to make an excuse for it, but to be honest, i’m pretty disgusted with them this week. these things happen; let’s get right to the point.

For The ‘Funemployed,’ Unemployment Is Welcome

Michael Van Gorkom, you deserve to be punched in the face even harder than Chi McBride

so you can probably tell from the jump that this is the kind of story that’s going to rub me the wrong way; even if the actual article espoused some sentiment that i support 113%, i would probably still be freaking out about the use of a term like “funemployment.” eh, i’m the kind of person that demands you say “magazine” instead of “clip” when we’re talking about firearms, so you know i like to nitpick about the inappropriateness of such fictional words. that being said, i think this article managed to enrage me more and more with each passing sentence. let’s take a brief tour through the highlights:

“These jobless folks, usually singles in their 20s and 30s, find that life without work agrees with them. Instead of punching the clock, they’re hitting the beach.”
it’s also worth noting that these “singles in their 20s and 30s” are also the same group of people that has no concept of saving for the necessities of their old age, so it’s probably going to be them that finds that having no means of support when they’re retired (and judging by this article, they probably think someone else will be footing the bill for that as well) does NOT agree with them.

Buoyed by severance, savings, unemployment checks or their parents, the funemployed do not spend their days poring over job listings. … And at least till the bank account dries up, they’re content living for today.
okay, if you’re living off your severance, that’s fine, if maybe irresponsible; the same goes for your savings, because at least you have earned this. but content to coast on unemployment? that’s not what it’s for. or buoyed by your parents “until the bank account dries up?” … okay, listen up, kids: i know you have no conception of working for a living, but your parents probably do. they didn’t save up that retirement money so that you could enjoy not working. and, shockingly, they might not feel that secure in an economy that’s cost you your job.

“I feel like I’ve been given a gift of time and clarity,” said Aubrey Howell, 29, of Franklin, Tenn., who was laid off from her job as a tea shop manager in April. After sleeping in late and visiting family in Florida, she recently mused on Twitter: “Unemployment or funemployment?”
seriously, i have nothing to say here except that this part of the article makes me outraged. OUTRAGED.

As frivolous as it sounds, funemployment is a statement about American society. Experts say it’s both a reflection of the country’s cultural narcissism — and attitudes of entitlement and self-centeredness — and a backlash against corporate America and its “Dilbert”-like work environment.
three things:
01. it’s not frivolous to call this a statement about American society, because it’s completely accurate to see it as such;
02. the bolded part above has been bolded by yours truly to reflect the accurate way to view “funemployment”;
03. the notion of a “backlash against corporate America” is, in fact, just more of that narcissism and entitlement and self-centeredness. yeah, stick it to the man because he wants you to work so that you can afford to pay for things instead of expecting someone else to foot the bill.

still more funemployment
yes, we all get it, not working is more fun than working. what a novel and responsible discovery!

These days, more people than in the 1970s are saying they want jobs with a lot of vacation time … Younger employees today also are less willing to work overtime. And, when asked if they would quit their jobs if they had money, more are answering “yes,” though the majority still say they would continue working.
you mean people want more time off from work, shorter hours, and enough money to keep them from ever having to work again? WHAT A SHOCKING FIND, TWENGE. i’m glad to see all the time you spent writing a book about entitlement has enabled you to make such meaningful studies of Americans. seriously, i could have told you that people want more money and more vacation days without having to write a book or do anything else but go into work. just go ask some employer about the average amount of leave a 20-something employee has currently accumulated sometime.

Flores’ decision to quit her job was initially met by concern and worry by her parents and some friends, but she thinks it’s partly because they simply can’t relate. By the time her parents’ generation reached their late 20s and early 30s, most were married with children.
to be honest, i don’t think the problem is that they can’t relate to you not being married or having children in your late 20s/early 30s. i think the problem is that they can’t relate to you not working and hanging out while expecting your bills to be paid by someone else or, failing that, through irresponsible means (as in, using your savings to have fun instead of, you know, SAVING them).

“We need to figure out how to make companies work better for everybody. Until that happens … early retirements and furloughs are going to continue. People are going to opt out of the system.”
my fault, all these retirements and furloughs are about people STICKING IT TO THE MAN. and here i thought we had a bad economy that had resulted in many lost jobs, including jobs formerly possessed by the turbo-cool funemployed people in this article. oh wait…

But since he was seeking answers, the Mongolian shaman had one for him. On a Post-it, she wrote his fortune in Cyrillic. The last sentence, in a nutshell: Go back to work.
that Mongolian shaman is seriously the hero of this article. ugh. i’d better find something to wash the nasty taste of America out of my mouth…

Creepy Dog Robot Planned For The US Military

there are actually many newer articles on the subject of the Big Dog than the above link, but that one has a great “introducing this fucking awesome robot” title, so i encourage you to explore the internet on your own if that one seems a little out of date.

but that’s all beside the point, which is very straightforward: this is a fucking awesome robot. yeah, it’s a little loud (and that’s probably why they aren’t in a rush to send them over to Afghanistan to battle insurgents), but it storms through the elements, leaps goat-style over obstacles, has the ridiculous ability to not fall on ice (seriously, WATCH THE ABOVE VIDEO) and even makes you feel sympathetic when people are kicking it solely for the purpose of showing off how awesome this robot is. i could watch this video for hours; it certainly makes me feel better about America, which turns out to have some awesome geniuses that made this robot, especially since i just read that “funemployment” article that made me want to vomit. ugh.

the only real downside is that the development of such awesome robots means there is only a very limited amount of time left before we accidentally deep-thinking, self-sufficient robots that come to a full realization of how terrible and worthless human beings are and then, for the good of us all, wipe the whole damn human race out completely. oh well!

bonus section relating to firearms

recently, i purchased a Mini-14; even more recently, i replaced the stock, which was a somewhat-worn wooden one, with a newer Hogue stock which is all black and rubberized and everything. for some reason, however, the responses have been pretty negative so far; “why bother to do that” or “what was wrong with the old stock,” seem to be the typical reactions. perhaps for that reason, even my personal satisfaction is less than total, although that could just be because i have emotional problems, because this new Mini-14 stock is pretty cool.

accordingly, i have decided to throw up some before and after photos of this rifle and let the readership of this website – which would be Smilez and… uh… people who thought the topic behind a name like “house of hate” was something else ENTIRELY – weigh in on the topic. go wild:

Ruger Mini-14 with original wooden stock
before picture; this is how the rifle looked when it was zinging .223 rounds through a couple of fancy motorcycle helmets (and/or being cradled lovingly in photos on the internet).

Ruger Mini-14 with fancy Hogue stock
i also have some new magazines that don’t say “for law enforcement use only” to go with the new look of the gun. oddly enough, though, i find magazines that don’t say “for law enforcement use only” to be somehow unsatisfying.

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5 Responses to accurate descriptions of Americans must include the phrase “attitudes of entitlement and self-centeredness”

  1. cobb says:

    Funemployed?!!? Christ. I will agree with your sentiment Janklow as we have been doing a series of hires at the new store. I have to say we have had many people that were hired but failed to show with social sec. info or other essential paperwork and thus were let go before they actually worked. We also have hired/fired a bunch of lazy people that don’t want to work they just want a check. We also seem to get the “entitled” type that have degrees or training in a field that causes them to resent the job and therefore they don’t want to work.

  2. janklow says:

    yeah, see, this is why you and i basically spend our free time drinking alcohol and complaining about the qualities of employees in America circa 2009. everyone’s either annoyed that a job takes up time they could be using to socialize or so well-educated that they’re supposed to be entitled to a six-figure job that requires next to no work. and there’s that word “entitled” again.

    also, i have been joking about the Big Dog all day. seriously, it will one day become sentient and kill the hell out of that guy that kicked it.

  3. Duane Toole says:

    1. But some firearms DO use clips as an integral part of the weapon (Garand M1; I have two). DO NOT MOCK THIS FAMOUS FIREARM!

    2. You may be interested to know that I have been hired by a contractor to help consolidate the security caseload of the various DHS agencies into the “Integrated Security Management System.” We have devised a system that will upgrade the agencies one at a time without any user or programmer access to the data. If I’m lucky, it will take about a year; if the contractor is greedy, I’ll quit sooner. (So, if your clearance records are lost, blame me.)

  4. Duane Toole says:

    BTW, the new stock is cool. Is it much lighter? Is the balance better?

    The Mini was my first .223, back in ’77. I got one of the first models approved for military ammo.

  5. janklow says:

    yes, but i don’t bitch about those. actually, the fact that some firearms use clips is why we SHOULD bitch about people that use “clip” to refer to magazines.

    the stock is lighter (not a LOT, but it is lighter) and i think it’s more comfortable (the butt’s obviously more generous and i like the feel of the grip(s) better, go Hogue). plus, the original stock was a little worn, so what the hell. but at some point i will feel guilty and return it to the wooden stock.

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