in which i steal Bruce McCullough’s idea for political reasons

in the wake of recent elections that are supposed to be such a big deal, i find myself once again confronting some notable anger (which i am apparently composed of, or so some studies tell me) regarding some statements from the right before, during and after the elections. and as the past has shown us, there might be no better way to express this than with some kind of missive on the internet that everyone can read. i guess i should add this DISCLAIMER: i don’t think there are any jokes coming. sorry.

and now, janklow with an open letter to the conservatives that keep pissing him off at election time.

Richard Viguerie
fuck you, man, fuck you

well, why did you do it? are you some sort of jerk or something? and by “do it,” i mean “continue to behave in the counter-productive, short-sighted, gloating manner than you always seem to act in.” and by “you,” i mean the hardcore conservative members of the GOP that seem to approach and respond to elections in the exact same way that drives me absolutely crazy. i suppose this all started when i happened upon the news that conservatives were pushing for this third party candidate in the race for NY-23, where a “liberal Republican” (Dede Scozzafava) and a “regular Democrat” (Bill Owens) were competing with Conservative Party representative Doug Hoffman. now, look, they have their principles, and that’s fine; it’s perfectly acceptable to a) be very conservative and b) expect your elected officials to respond to that. well, maybe not “perfectly acceptable,” but whatever.

so cut to Scozzafava dropping out of the race and all the conservatives essentially getting what they wanted; we THEN get an arch-conservative like Richard Viguerie gloating about it (although this was before their candidate ultimately LOST the election. still, because it highlights some of my points, i shall now break his statement from that article down.

“The GOP leadership’s backing of Ms. Scozzafava was a slap in the face to Tea Party activists, town hall protesters, and conservatives across the country.”
this is, however, a local election. yes, there are national ramifications, but we’re talking about a political office that is supposed to respond to the LOCAL electorate in New York. so why is it a slap in the face of anyone for New York Republicans to nominate a New York candidate? why are politicians in Alaska or anywhere else offended by their whims not being heard in elections that have nothing to do with where they live?

“The Washington GOP establishment’s abandonment of fiscal responsibility led directly to the election of Barack Obama as President and Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.”
and you know, i get that, and i get that not every conservative was on board with the way Bush and his administration planned and spent. that said, i don’t recall this level of outrage when Bush was actually in office. and i don’t recall these conservatives attacking his legacy so specifically during the last presidential election. in fact, i’m pretty sure that they consider this “Washington GOP establishment” to be something that exists, but not include anyone they KNOW. who makes up this establishment?

“The American people see the GOP leadership and establishment every bit as much a part of the problem as the Democrats.”
true. but what Viguerie doesn’t seem to understand is that this includes people like him as well.

“Doug Hoffman and NY-23 is an earthquake in American politics, and is the first of many challenges to establishment Republicans that we will see for the 2010 elections and beyond.”
now, again, he said this before the actual election, so this may seem petty: but this is a challenge that resulted in a DEMOCRAT taking the seat. a seat that’s been held by a Republican for 100+ years. so we’re not talking about a challenge that has resulted in anything more for the conservatives than the “establishment Republicans.”

“The stupid decision by Republican leaders to pour $900,000 into the NY-23rd race [to support Scozzafava} against a conservative [Hoffman] has unleashed a fury that will lead to new GOP leadership.”
i can flip this right around and point out that the stupid decision by conservative Republicans to alienate the moderates that supported Scozzafava and who thus didn’t vote or voted for her on principle or voted for Owens are the reason Owens bested Hoffman. and so i will.

here’s the thing that i have been saying since the presidential election in 2008: these conservatives are fucking morons, for several reasons:

01. hypocritical stance on “being heard”: conservatives are obsessed with having their voices heard in the GOP tent, and often phrase this as if no one listens to them. but McCain bent to please you. and Palin wound up on the ticket to please you. and yet every time moderates want something (such as for you to NOT ruin the election of a moderate Republican), it’s an outrage. good job preaching what you preach, guys.

02. counter-productive results: during the national elections last year, conservatives talked about staying home rather than voting for McCain or whoever for Senate/House seats. but when you reject a moderate GOP option in favor of nothing… you get a Democrat, and i can’t imagine that sits better with you. and wanting someone you think is a poor choice in office now to get votes down the line is an ignorant attitude.

look at the Scozzafava/Owens/Hoffman situation. Scozzafava may be a “liberal Republican.” she may not vote the way conservatives and/or the national GOP like every time. but let’s say that she votes with the conservatives 50% of the time… how often is Owens voting the way they want? if a Democrat is less of the vote you want than a “liberal Republican” is on a regular basis, what’s the percentage in helping the former get elected?

03. this shit is all about money: look, i am sure that there are conservatives who are really about the issues, really about the politics, and really taking stands on principle. but when half of the people crowing about this stuff are on radio or television or might very well end up there (i’m looking at you, Palin), then i have to think seriously about the notion that says Beck and Limbaugh and Malkin aren’t so much about ideas or solving any problem as much as they are about being ridiculous to fuel outrage that, in turn, fuels their personal finances.

and when you tell me or anyone else that we’re Republican In Name Only because we don’t agree with you 100%… man, fuck you. when you’re declaring that NEWT GINGRICH is a RINO because he didn’t leap to back Hoffman… FUCK YOU. Gingrich can say with a straight face that he got a bunch of Republicans elected in 1994; who can you tell me that you got elected, Malkin? or better, come to Maryland and tell me how you get Republicans elected to state seats that require independent votes to happen by being as hardcore right-wing as you possible can. because i don’t see how it works.

that’s it, i’m done. fuck these short-sighted assholes.

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