things are getting even more redundant and/or emotional this week

to quote a certain dude who occasionally posts something up on the internet, “i think i’m about to do this “pull random stuff off the internet and make light of it” thing for a couple of weeks in a row now, and i don’t even have any shame about it.” but hey, look, i know how lazy that looks, so what i’ll do here is post the link and THEN post a brief synopsis of the emotion i am feeling so that you can get a jump on how YOU should be feeling before the rambling starts, okay? okay.

Bloomberg and some of his best friends: guns
Bloomberg needs to stay as far away from the illegal handguns as possible, lest one of them leap into his hand and make him COMMIT MURDERS

NYC Mayor Takes Aim at ‘Terror Gap’ in US Gun Law
emotion to feel: disgust (and maybe a little anger)

now, look, here’s the deal: i love guns, i love guns a lot, and since Bloomberg seems to always want to fuck with my ability to purchase and love them, i hate Bloomberg and his little games. granted, this is the deal with rich people: concepts that poorer people have to deal with (self-defense, let’s say) never apply to them, so why the fuck should they matter? but i’ll spare you my general anti-rich-dudes rant and just get into my beefing with this article.

“Bloomberg is leading a national coalition of mayors backing legislation that would use the FBI’s computerized record check system to flag and then stop gun purchase attempts by anyone on the [federal watch list of potential terrorists]. More than 1,200 people on the list have bought guns from federally licensed dealers since 2004, the Government Accountability Office reported today.”

so my question is basically two questions: what the hell is the standard to make it onto this list, and how many of those 1200 people have committed a crime with those guns? because while i know Shahzad bought a gun, i also know he didn’t use it in the crime he’s been arrested in connection with. and ultimately, this is a big thing i hate about these anti-gun guys: they can’t just make an argument against guns, it HAS to be IMMEDIATELY tied to whatever knee-jerk reaction people are having about something, even when that something hasn’t involved a gun at all.

“While the investigation into the bombing attempt continues, New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Shahzad’s gun purchase may have been a signal that he was preparing an attack.”

or, considering the fact that he didn’t use the firearm in the attack, and considering that no one seems to want to comment as to the timing of the purchase, maybe it wasn’t a signal at all? and further, here’s where we’re going with this: a guy on the watch list who’s not a terrorist can buy a firearm and thus be considered to be preparing an attack. fucking ridiculous. Raymond Kelly, fuck you.

“[Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C.] added, “Some of the people pushing this idea are also pushing the idea of banning handguns.”
“No one is trying to ban handguns here. … This is far from that,” retorted committee Chairman Joe Lieberman, I-Conn. The bill would permit anyone barred from buying a gun because of placement on the list to challenge that action in court, he said.”

this is where i point out that Lieberman’s response is evasive. Graham doesn’t say this bill is a push to ban handguns, he says guys supporting this (Bloomberg, at least) are also in favor of banning handguns (again, Bloomberg, at least). and Lieberman knows this. so if you want to defend this bill, at least man up and acknowledge that it’s ACCURATE to label Bloomberg in that manner.

i’ve also heard this defended with “well, you have the right to go to court and dispute the watch list placement.” seriously, no one who’s innocent and has to spend time and money in court confirming that fact is ever going to see that as a boon that’s been tossed their way. and speaking of me getting overly worked up over stuff…

i really don’t have any words to go along with this. well, except for the massive influx of them coming directly…

SWAT Raid on Missouri Family
emotion to feel: anger (and maybe a little disgust)

now, i must admit i love to clown on Missouri (and if you know me, you know why, but we don’t have to get into that here) and i personally feel that the drug war could be prosecuted in a better fashion and/or the resources used to do it spent in better ways. legalize that shit, tax the hell out of that shit, and use the DEA to step on people evading the law and prisons for the kind of guys i don’t want out in society. i don’t give a fuck if you sell marijuana, i care if you commit violent crimes in the process and/or use the massive illegal proceeds to corrupt governments around the world.

i should also add that, generally, i try and have respect for police, given that they often do a shitty, dangerous job… and yet every time i say this, someone has to go and fuck it up for the rest of them. enter these Missouri cops. here’s a basic synopsis of that raid from the link:

“SWAT team breaks into home, fires seven rounds at family’s pit bull and corgi (?!) as a seven-year-old looks on. They found a “small amount” of marijuana, enough for a misdemeanor charge. The parents were then charged with child endangerment. So smoking pot = “child endangerment.” Storming a home with guns, then firing bullets into the family pets as a child looks on = necessary police procedures to ensure everyone’s safety. Just so we’re clear.”

to start, i’ll tell you what: i’ll grant the argument that having a child in a home with drugs that COULD get raided could be the basis for a “child endangerment” charge, although something tells me that was tossed in as something the police could bargain away in return for the arrested not pressing the other issues at stake, such as the shooting of the dogs.

now, i think everyone knows how partial i am to dogs; there’s a reason why this site remains adorned with a visual reminder of the greatest dog ever to live (and who i name all my fictional video game dogs after). and in this case we have the officers shooting dogs from two breeds i fervently defend: a pit bull, which was apparently CAGED when it was shot to death, and a corgi, which survived. a fucking CORGI. look, maybe you see an angry caged pit bull and you shoot it without thinking; you might be a dickhead when the details come out (i say this mainly as we hear no indication that the officers were shocked or threatened by either dog), but hey, you can make an argument for it, because we’re talking about a sizable, intimidating dog. but a fucking CORGI? has no one ever seen one of these dogs? and you fucking SHOT it, officer? really?

you know, the basically drill here is that i am going to get fucking infuriated by this video, and then J.Miles will make the case in defense of these officers (well, maybe not, but he usually does) and then i’ll calm down. so J.Miles, get working on this one.

JaMarcus Russell, ex-Oakland Raider
fuck you, man, fuck you

JaMarcus Russell cut by Raiders
emotion to feel: UNBRIDLED JOY

so earlier in the off-season, i was a little sad: the Raiders had a shockingly good draft (seriously), but it resulted in them trading away my favorite Raider (Kirk Morrison) for next to nothing (what the fuck, Raiders, a little LB depth never hurt anyone), and so i had mixed feelings. then the Raiders picked up Jason Campbell from the Redskins (cool, even if he’s not been GREAT yet) for a mild pick next year (cool) and gave him an extension, thus implying that he’d be the starter going into this season and the next. or if not him, then Gradkowski, because surely this was a sign they’d cut Russell before he got hurt in training camp and we owed him the whole $9.45 million?

then they let JaMarcus into the training camp, and my heart sunk. at this point, i asked myself, what further indignity must i accept? what more must i do to convince Al Davis to have mercy on me? and then this:

“Three years after being selected with the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft, JaMarcus Russell is out of a job. The Oakland Raiders cut the quarterback on Thursday after a disappointing tenure-“

well, “disappointing tenure” doesn’t even begin to describe it… but who cares? JaMarcus has been cut! WE’RE FREE! seriously, this is the kind of time when i have to run out into the yard, tear off my shirt as if i’m celebrating some kind of ladies’ soccer game victory, and then start dancing furiously on everything. actually, strike all that, because that’s just weird. the more appropriate way to celebrate this is to run out into the yard (this part of the reaction will never change) and then up and down through my neighborhood questioning people about their reactions to this news, as if we’re in some weird version of A Christmas Carol. i promise to sound at least as insane as Patrick Stewart did in his rendition of Scrooge.

and one final shout-out to Bloomberg

Springfield XD-9 and S&W M&P

i’m usually much more on the ball about noting the new guns that appear around here, but both of these came in in quick succession, both used and generally brought in to have another fun 9mm (the XD) and .45 (the M&P) to fuck around with. fun fact: i almost bought an XD instead of my FNP due to the latter’s color scheme before i was told to “man up” and get the FNP (which i really love, so that all worked out). and now i have the XD as well.

and here we thought that “one gun for every year i’ve been alive” thing would be a challenge to achieve!

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2 Responses to things are getting even more redundant and/or emotional this week

  1. SiN says:

    XD’s are great. M&P’s are Smith & Wesson’s attempt to keep up with the rest of the modern world. We call them tag-a-longs.

    I hate it when people use all there resources to raid the guy smoking the joint instead of the country growing fields of it. If we are having a WAR on drugs, where is all the napalm? I’m sure people would agree that it would be effective at removing marijuana.

    The War on Drugs – “Stopping one smoker at a time.”

  2. janklow says:

    so far i am reviewing the XD as “alright, but does exactly what i bought it to do” and the M&P as “surprisingly good for a S&W semi-auto.” this was also prior to me changing the grips out for the better, so…

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