token “OMG CHANGES” update that is taking the place of actual content

now, what seems to have happened to our dear old house of hate was that either someone (possibly me) fucked up the site, or at least enough of it to make everything go CRAZY, or my hosting company (who shall remain nameless, because they MIGHT be responsible, but they were also very nice in dealing with my CONFUSION) fucked up the site … and so the end result has been a lot of software repair and database updating and on and on.

so what i’m going to do is take advantage of the fact that everything went haywire on me to do the following:

01. get feedback from anyone (as in, no one) who has a comment or advice regarding the site’s design/colors/the like;
02. take advantage of all this to compensate for the fact that we’re running about a week behind right now by throwing this update out there as an “actual update” and then getting us caught up ASAP with an ACTUAL update at some point;

seriously, though, while i know no one is actually reading this, i WOULD like a little input if there’s any to offer, since my former theme and whatever work i did to customize it just got tossed. now, i don’t want to leave you with NO CONTENT here, so… how about a top-10 comedy bit of all time that perhaps, ever so slightly, foreshadows the upcoming update?

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