janklow’s birthday gift to himself: no update required for the week of July 15-21

you know, i hate to throw up a placeholder post in the place of a weekly update TWICE in one year –and by “hate,” i mean “hate in principle, not in practice”– but July has been an absolutely clusterfuck of wedding aftermath, bout with Lyme disease, my own depressing birthday times, and a swarm of giant, giant dogs. SO MUCH DOGS. also, i think there was a hot tub in there somewhere, although i think it’s fair to say i shouldn’t be attributing a lack of production to the mere presence and/or use of a hot tub.

…and yet none of that stuff has turned into an update? huh.

ANYWAY, this is the placeholder, i hope we all enjoy it and that it results in actual on-schedule production resuming shortly thereafter.

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