2013’s deluge of gun control part II: wherein we all wish for Martin O’Malley to go fuck himself (or however you’d phrase it)

so last week we did a little venting on this topic, but we didn’t really focus on the fact that Maryland managed to join the states like Colorado, Connecticut and New York (if not others) in having a little knee-jerk, emotion-based gun control forced on them. we didn’t get as much fanfare as Colorado (because this is less a Western state and more a nominally Southern state long known to be dominated by Democrats) or as New York (because even our legislation wasn’t so supremely fucked up), but we DID manage to fuck over our population: come October, we’ll have an increased magazine capacity ban (down from 20 to 10, fucking up pistol purchases for all, if nothing else), a swarm of new restrictions and requirements for handgun purchases (a total mess, no matter how well-intentioned, given MD’s past history of instituting this stuff) and a banned on our current “regulated” long arms. this latter is weird in that it knocks out rifles by name, so you’ll see a total ban on AKs and FALs, but no ban on equivalent yet less historical rifles like vz.58s and AR-10s. and the AR-15 situation is weird, but whatever, let’s not get into the nuts and bolts.

instead, let’s discuss our esteemed governor, Martin O’Malley.

yet another contender for the title of “most punchable face in America”

i don’t know how familiar with our governor the internet is, so here’s a quick summation: he was the mayor of Baltimore, and seemingly accomplished nothing there as far as i can tell, which earned him two terms of governorship of Maryland… where he has accomplished nothing, as far as i can tell, beyond fucking with my firearm (and pit bull ownership) rights. seriously, he’s raised some taxes and presided over the same decreases in crime that EVERY STATE has, but beyond that? nothing i can see. anyway, if you watched the Wire, you may remember Thomas Carcetti: that’s our O’Malley. i’d say it was thinly-veiled, but i think we all know that it was not. but it DOES remind me that O’Malley once bitched about Republicans starting rumors about his infidelity for political reasons, something which even loyal Democrats in this state laughed at.

ANYWAY, O’Malley, being the kind of man he is, has felt entitled to be considered the “next big thing” in the Democratic Party for some time, and in the aftermath of the Newtown killings, he decided he, like Andrew Cuomo, really, really needed to get some left-wing feathers in his cap so that he can one day be president… and that is when the idea of slamming us with gun control came into the picture. let’s refer to a sweet article from the Washington Post:

“On the day after a gunman killed 20 children in Newtown, Conn., Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley wrote a text messageto his chief legislative lobbyist.
“Do we or do we not have an assault-weapons ban?” the governor asked that Saturday, 10 days before Christmas.
No, Stacy Mayer wrote back.
Really? the governor responded. I thought we did.
A variety of pistols, such as mini-Uzis, were illegal. But the weapon that Adam Lanza had fired in Newtown — the semiautomatic Bushmaster rifle?
Legal in Maryland.
Three days later, O’Malley summoned Mayer and several advisers to the governor’s mansion. Until then, his team had mostly been recovering from the exhaustion of campaigning for three statewide referendums and President Obama’s reelection. They had no grand plan to take on guns as the state legislature was about to convene in Annapolis.”

so, a couple of issues this immediately brings up for me:

01. we actually have HAD attempts to pass assault weapon bans during O’Malley’s time in office which failed, in addition to whatever support he gave anti-gun pushes when he was merely the mayor of Baltimore. so for him to act as if he did not know what laws we did or did not have isn’t just an issue of being ignorant of the law, it’s him fucking lying for effect
02. they had no “grand plan to take on guns” because they’d failed to do so before. the fact that they MYSTERIOUSLY moved to do so one day after Newtown is not an embracing of some holy mission, it’s taking advantage of a tragedy. i think we all know this.

in fact, the article goes on to note that:

“O’Malley had been preoccupied with gun violence since his days as a Baltimore assistant state’s attorney. As the city’s mayor and as governor, he had insisted on starting each morning with a police memo listing the number of overnight homicides.”

so you were preoccupied with this, but had no idea of our current laws? seriously, it just makes it more insulting that you lie like this, O’Malley. he then goes on to basically say that we need bans on 10+ round magazines and assault weapons, but HANDS OFF HUNTING WEAPONS, a stance that confuses me if your policy is to attack crime guns. you see, if you look at, you know, actual evidence, assault weapons simply don’t get used in crime in Maryland: it’s all handguns and some shotguns, and it’s predominantly related to the drug trade. yet a liberal governor who once ran Baltimore can’t get behind addresses the actual problems? well… it’s easier to ban some guns that no one is using for crime but that LOOK REALLY MEAN.

this article then goes on to talk about how CONCERNED some of these politicians are, from:

“President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D-Calvert) was sympathetic to his constituents who enjoyed hunting and target practice. Guns were an important part of their lives and culture.”

…but don’t worry, he won’t let that sympathy get in the way of banning your guns and chasing Beretta out of his district, because your culture and property only have meaning in the contexts he say they do; to:

“Sen. C. Anthony Muse (D-Prince George’s), who committed his support when the governor agreed to cut the price of a license in half, to $50, a change Muse sought to help the blue-collar families in his district.”

…because the problem with a bill that attacks your constituents rights is that the fee for them to buy a handgun is $50 too high. never mind the fact that your constituents have now had their handgun options neutered and will STILL have to jump through the fee/fingerprinting/training/licensing hoops to exercise their rights.

oh, and Sarah Brady gloating about being back to finish her business. and Miller saying we need gun bans to keep guns out of his grandchildren’s world DESPITE RESPECTING OUR CULTURE. and this exchange:

“Did Maryland need to ban every semiautomatic rifle? One statistic was repeated over and over: Of the state’s 398 homicides in 2011, only two involved rifles.
By mid-March, Mayer told the governor that she was worried that Vallario’s committee would gut the ban, as was happening in Congress, where gun legislation had stalled.
One night, as Judiciary Committee members wrangled over the bill, O’Malley made an unannounced visit.
The governor pointed at Vallario.
“Joe, don’t take out the AR-15,” O’Malley said, referring to the assault weapon.
A couple of nights later, at a St. Patrick’s Day party, O’Malley walked up to Vallario.
“Joe,” the governor said through a grin, “what are you doing to me?”
After more than a month with the bill, Vallario’s committee relented. There would be no compromise; there was no middle ground to be had with Republicans.”

so basically, opponents point out that rifles –and not just “assault weapons,” but rifles, period– are simply NOT USED IN CRIME and want compromise… and this will not work for O’Malley, who proceeds to bully the chairman into getting what he wants. O’Malley doesn’t make an argument for why the data’s wrong or what the bill will do; it’s WHAT HE WANTS. because, as previously noted, he’s a piece of shit. it’s also sad –not funny, but sad– because typically you see guys in this state bitching about how mean Republicans are on a federal level for not compromising. huh.

anyway, this legislation makes me sick for one reason more than any other: not that it fucks with my rights and/or hobbies (depending on how you want to put it); not that it won’t accomplish ANYTHING it purports to accomplish, because we’re still going to have scores of drug murders and street crimes; not that there’s a level of hypocrisy in our left-leaning government pushing to rightful acknowledge people’s rights to, say, gay marriage while restricting my firearm rights; but because this shit only happened because O’Malley wanted it for him, for his personal reasons, for his career and personal benefit. and that’s a fucking disgrace.

whatever, literally no one gives a shit about how mad our politics make me. it is the most impotent feeling in the world, i suppose. anyway, maybe next week we’ll be a little more positive? currently my motivation is being spent on “tracking down soon-to-be-banned assault weapons,” but i will try to focus up.

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