starts out kind of angry, ends up kind of tired and depressed: welcome to HOH in 2013

one of the things that drives me crazy is that i have some half-assed rant to get out regarding something topically, but by the time i get around to finishing it off, some time has passed (what else is new) and it seems almost pointless to get into the stuff at that point. but with the ongoing quest to get everything caught up by the time 2014 hits… well, fuck it, let’s live in the recent past a little. some of the points may even still be valid. which brings us to Anthony Weiner and Bob Filner.

Anthony Weiner
i am truly unsure as to what this expression is supposed to be conveying. no fucking clue at all

brief aside: i know that’s a particularly unflattering picture, but damn, who is voting for THAT to hold office?

anyway, so i think we all know the brief background here: Weiner was bounced from office for a sexting scandal, decided that the world NEEDED his services and tried to get back into the game by running for mayor of New York, and then saw that campaign derailed (and that’s putting it nicely) by ANOTHER sexting scandal that came out of nowhere. we’re just going to skip over the morality/issues of the whole sexting mess, because there was/is really just three points i wanted to touch on here.

01. maybe i just accidentally watched Primary Colors too recently or something, but isn’t the whole thing we learned during the 1990s that if you’re a politician who MIGHT have a colorful personal history that could torpedo your political ambitions, then you should have someone basically investigate you to see if you can even make this whole thing work? because with the speed and force this scandal came out, you’d HAVE to think someone on the team could have deduced and pointed out that it might kill the whole mess before it got started.

02. problem #01 with society this points out: voters who will overlook nonsense in order to allow a politician into office because they like them. now, i am not trying to pick on Democrats or New Yorkers or any other demographic that missed having Weiner in politics, really. EVERY possible group out there has some politician that they’re giving a bullshit pass to. but you know, if you DIDN’T like Weiner, you’d find the sexting unsavory. you’d find the deceitfulness (if you don’t want to call it lying) in and of itself to be a reason to say “you know, this guy shouldn’t hold elected office.” i don’t know, maybe i find that i personally spend a fair amount of time demanding the people that represent my party affiliation, my issues, my side, or whatever else NOT be as reprehensible as possible (set to choruses of people responding “why do you have to attack the guys on our side”), so i somehow expect people in opposition to me to do the same so we can create, i don’t know, a better government or society or some shit like that. i am not actually sure why i think this.

03. problem #02 with society this points out: assholes who think their presence on the politic scene is SO VALUABLE that this kind of stuff doesn’t matter. and for that matter, i guess there’s a problem #03 that goes hand-in-hand with that: assholes who don’t understand that this calls their judgment into question regardless of the legality/morality of their conduct. look, Weiner might have some issues once which his stands are important to many voters. great… but you can’t work for them OUTSIDE of elected office? you can’t back and assist a non-tainted politician who agrees with you on these issues? because of course he could, but instead, reflects that we need not someone working on these issues, but rather, someone who needs HIM. frankly, an asshole with this state of mine replacing Michael Bloomberg is entirely appropriate, because his “two terms are only for mayors who AREN’T me” policy puts him in this same category, with the caveat that Bloomberg at least keeps his personal life under control.

Bob Filner
Filner is apparently groping this woman in this picture; judging by that expression, that seems accurate

and Bob Filner is no better, as he proceeded to sexually harass about 18 women or so (irony that this is being done by a Democrat, who has presumably argued that he and his party are the side that cares about women, is noted), bailed on his therapy earlier than he probably should have, and then passed the blame to the city not ever making him take harassment training for the purposes of making sure taxpayers would have to eat the cost of any civil suits resulting from his behavior before FINALLY resigning. now again, could someone not have worked for the same things Filner did? could an orderly and respectful resignation ALSO helped mitigate possible civil suits while showing he wasn’t a complete asshole who, let’s be frank, probably DID do what he was accused of? well, yeah… but then HE wouldn’t have been in office. and how would we get by without Filner?

you know, i do find all this annoying, infuriating, disgusting, and so on. part of what originally fueled this update was that you’ve got two politicians who rose quite high and who are supposedly progressive gents (because, to be honest, don’t we expect this kind of behavior to be coming out of some conservative senator’s office or something?) acting this way in 2013, and how the FUCK does that happen? but maybe it’s the delay in getting this done… but fuck it, i suppose we get the government we deserve. i cannot believe that this is the first time these guys have acted this way. actually, i don’t know that we get the government we deserve, because i ultimately think we don’t deserve guys like Weiner and Filner making policy or laws or anything else. but i don’t see how it’s going to get better in the future. that’s what hurts.

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